5 Best Pet Cameras to Buy in 2020

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It’s getting crazily colder here in Nigeria and I don’t know what it is wherever you’re reading this from. That at that, this article is meant to guide you on cameras that are the best pet cameras you need to keep watch of your four-legged companion when you’re away from home or somewhere away from your pet in the house.

Why do you need to keep watch of your pet? Many a pet are furious, inquisitive, and stubborn.

Dogs, especially the beagles breed, are wildflowers. They are capable of turning the whole world around you and almost make you feel like you’re fixed to an inversion table fighting against the gravitational field.

Most importantly, there are some stages when you have to give your dog full-attention and you don’t want that to bite into your time and schedule doing that.

Times like heat period and pregnancy period are the crucial times pets needs to be given attention. Though, paying regular attention to your pets around one of these periods is a way of showing care and affection toward your low friend, catching some scenes on your camera can be exciting, it kind of creates beautiful memories between your families which include a friendly pet.

Equipping yourself with the best pet camera when you take your pet to a pet hospital has a lot of fun in it too. Without breaking any longer into your time, allow me to show you our best cameras for dogs 2018. See below.

Mood Ezcam

How do you really police your dog? If you’ve no answer to that now but “I don’t”, then you need to check out on the 720-pixel hi-tech Mood Zcam camera for pets.

The 720-pixel has will give you a real-time video day and night as long as you keep it activated with enough power supply. Plant it around the house or attach it to the fur of that cute cat to monitor each of its steps.

It is obviously difficult watching everything those fury four-limbed friends do at home while you’re buried within a bunch of files or the computer at work. Luckily, you don’t need to pay so much attention.


Setting up some motion-triggered- feature in the Mood Ezcam will give automatic alerts when such motion is taken by your friendly animal. Footage of this kind of motion is stored as video clip in the cloud system of Mood Ezcam for about 36 hours, this should be more than enough time needed for you to get back from work and go through the clip.

Nevertheless, in case you’re on a vacation without your pet or staying away from it for 36+ hours, there’s a time purchase feature where you can buy yourself enough time to get back to those clips as clips are lost after 34 hours.

Mood Ezcam come with infrared that allow you to keep record of your pet in the dark. It also come with voice filter to make communication easier, perhaps you may be in a noisy area and you want to get a command across to your little puppies.

Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi Treat Cam

This should have been the first on our list of top 10 pet cameras but owing to some not-so-bad cons, it is our first runner but will be appearing number on other sites.

Let’s get done with the formalities and go into the amazing features of the well-known Petzi Treat Cam. The Petzi Treat Cam is one of the sharpest cameras owing to its low aperture of course.

It goes everywhere your pets pant though standing just where you hang it on the wall. Now, what makes it superior? Petzi, as it is formally called, has the longest captivation ray, not only that, it comes with a snack dispenser, so you can stay worry-free at work relying on the dispenser to give your young tailed-friend an afternoon treat. Isn’t that enough?

The dispenser can work even with the camera hung up the wall and will be within the reach of those cats only at the right time. Now here’s the con; you can’t make a video record or clip with it, as it is mainly used for communicating with your dog over a long mile.

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Here is the all-rounder pet camera ever. I call it the triple combo camera, find out why. Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera is capable of taking live HD videos, clear pictures, and it also has a dispenser. Let me draw you in on this.


The live HD videos can be watched from anywhere once your device is connected to the camera. Also, it can be stored for future reference.

Both the video and pictures can be zoomed to 4× so you can have a clear vision of whatever that wild flower is doing in the lawn.

The food dispenser works great, and about eight devices can be connected to the camera, so all family members can look after the pets away from home. There are also some fun features like the ray of flashlight and voice communication.

Yi Dome Camera

Yi Dome Camera

Want to be a perfect spy on pets? No, they are all hiding nowhere from you with the Yi Dome Camera.

The Yi Dome Camera is a 360 degree turn around your home with a 720-pixel video. It will save those 10 seconds clips on an SD memory Card which you will have to buy yourself. Catch every nook and crannies and get in touch with those bin shakers.

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder

Call it the master feeder of call it the Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder. This is for those who will be away from home for long and won’t be able to keep up with the feeding regulation and process.

There are different kinds of spaces available in it for pouring food for those voracious guys. And good news is, there is a space for dry feed and another for wet food.

The camera is built around the dish-like food dispenser which dispenses food according to your settings. Unfortunately, you can’t make video record with it and the video is not usually clear. One more cone is it can’t be used at night.

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