These 5 Vegetables Are Healthy for Your Bird

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Most of us are already aware of how vital it is to eat plenty of vegetables if you must stay healthy. And people who have been bird owners for awhile must also have heard about the numerous benefits that vegetables can give to their pet bird.

In fact, the bulk of any hook bill’s diet should be made up of fresh vegetables. Not only will the vegetables boost your pet nutrition levels, it will also help to keep things interesting for your feathered friend as you introduce new textures, flavours, and colour to it’s dinner bowl.

Below is a list of safe vegetables for your pet birds.

1. Broccoli


What a lot of bird owners fail to realise is that broccoli is not only a tasty treat for there feathered friend, it also provides them with plenty of good nutrients that they might not be getting simply because they are not in the wild.

For example, birds in their natural habitat manufacture lots of vitamin D because of how much time they spend in the sun. But birds in captivity, even when they are provided with UV lamps are usually deficient in vitamin D unless they are given supplements.

Feeding broccoli to your pet bird can be a great way to make sure that it gets enough amount of vitamin d in its food

2. Carrots



Carrots are another vegetable that are super rich and also make a favourite treat for many pet birds. Carrots can play a major role in maintaining optimal eyesight because they are rich in beta-carotene and a great eyesight is important for all bird species. As a plus, carrots are fun to eat and nicely flavoured.

All you have to do is wash them neatly and peel them before you feed them to your large size pet bird. If your pet bird is a small one then you have to cut the carrot into tiny bite sizes.

You can also feed baby carrots or shredded carrots to small birds, however ensure that you do not feed cooked carrots to your pet because they are healthiest when they are raw and in their natural state. The nice crunch of carrots also provide your bird with the necessary jaw exercise.

3. Spinach


Spinach and other kinds of leafy green vegetables like kale and romaine lettuce are also great additions to your feathered friends healthy diet.

Not only are many birds interested in feeding on this healthy veggies, these greens are also full of antioxidants and nutrients that can help to boost your bird’s immune system.

For birds that are struggling with being overweight, these kinds of vegetables are just perfect to provide them with a full tummy while cutting back on the number of calories they consume at the same time. Spinach and other green vegetables can be really helpful in species such as amazon Parrots and Cockatoo.

4. Snap Peas

Snap Peas

Another fun and yummy vegetable that your pet bird should consider eating our snap peas. These are peas that are still in their pod and can be eaten raw. They provide an intense flavour and a satisfying crunch that most pet birds find enjoyable.

An added advantage of feeding your bird snap peas is that because of the edible pod, a lot of our feathered friends turn them into toys as they eat. This is good news because your bird gets to have fun and get nourished at the same time.

5. Peppers



Another healthy, safe, and favourite fresh vegetable for a lot of birds are peppers. I know all concerned bird owner will be worried if their bird chews the hot ones, but birds lack the taste senses that humans have so can’t really discern spicy flavours. If you have some habanero or jalepeno peppers you can feed them to your bird now and then.

You just might be surprised at how your birds would be happy feeding on these vegetables. If you have other healthy vegetables that u have fed your bird, do well to share them with us in the comments section.

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