7 Critters That Reminds Us of Moana (Disney Movie)

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No one is going to remind you of the drop-dead Moana Disney movie of 2016 like these sparkling critters sending big bubbles that will keep you giggling all day. These guys are GOATS that breathe under the water in your tank.

And when I mean GOAT, you should be able to read my mind if you’re not lost in the 80’s; they are the Greatest of All Time. How did we know this?

We ran through a list of 100+ cute exotic pets, had long discussions with experts, and grinned happily with eyes almost popping out of our sockets watching Moana Disney movie of 2016 before coming up with this short and unique list of cute exotic pets to remind everybody of Moana (Disney Movie).

Whether you’re in need of the best pets for children or you just want to add some more swimmers to your tank, look below as I get to show you all the water pets that will take you back to the hotly watched movie.

Telescope Goldfish

Telescope Goldfish

Ever seen one of these gold-eyes guys in any popular aquarium? The name is most fitting and will get you thinking of that part where Moana was chosen by the water to return the heart of Te Ifiti. They are not as big as those bullies and so a separate tank is advisable.

Fortunate are you if you’re already into keeping small fishes, there won’t be the need for a new tank nor will you have to get a special kind of feed for the telescope goldfish. About 10 of them will strive in a medium sized tank going up and down the water with their not-so-clear golden eyes. However, they are delicate and require attention.

To keep them healthy for long, always be there to change their water and add enough food. Watch your kiddo get drawn to the water like Moana by the bulgy shiny eyes of this fish that reminds every die-hard fan of Moana of the shiny crab (Tamatoa) that took Maui fish hook to the realm of monsters (Lalotai).

The telescope fish is a playful fish however, adding a lot of natural water features in its tank will keep it busy and you can take as much beautiful pictures as you want. Sad news is, Telescope Goldfish is expensive, but you don’t need to mind the price when adding value to your home.


The Axolotl

Let’s get over with the formalities and get into knowing our crawling lizard of the water. All the way from the wave-spitting water of Mexico, Axolotl as they are called by experts are beef eaters. Axolotl, in Moana animation, takes the place of one of Maui’s forms. They grow in response to feed, good water and cool environment.

Axolotl have been found to be the most social exotic pet to bring life to your tank, which calls for a large purchase of Axolotl, so they can interact and strive as a family. Your kiddo will love them and spend much time by the tank throwing feed and watching the exciting moments as those swimming gold fight for food in a playful manner.



I wish I didn’t pray for this. You know, growing up as a kid I always pray to come across a pregnant man in a big labor room. That prayer got answered just when I’ve almost forgotten about it. Let me tell you about the seahorse and you won’t need the untold part of my story.

The seahorse is the most fascinating water pet taking the exact look of a fish except it doesn’t live on land. Here comes the interesting part. During the production stage, a female seahorse drops around 12-100 eggs in the pouch of a male who carries the load about for 45 days till the eggs hatch.

Loaded with eggs around its belly, the seahorse is tied with the responsibility of looking after the eggs, making sure none of them gets to the water bed before hatching. Seahorse takes us on a ride to Maui’s flying hawk with the curly tail. The eggs hatch into adorable bean-like jelly babies that grow on small particles of food.



Octopuses are counted among the most horrible-looking aquatic pets that can have a little share of their time on land. I specifically like the shiny tentacles that beat water around the devil-looking swimmer for stunt-like movements exciting enough to pop the eye off your visitors. Grab a sit one of those work-free days, stay away from the TV and stay tuned to the show in that greenish tank.

To add to the fun, add pieces of coconut coverings to that tank and watch your octopus build protective house with amazing speed and intelligence with it. And in case you don’t know, getting an octopus may break your account but they do crazy things like Moana’s mother (the village crazy lady).

Sea monkey


Heads up, butt down, and knees folded. Can you raise a seamonkey? I doubt it. The seamonkey is as almost disappointing as Moana’s chicken that eats rock, and loves being in the water. If you’re nowhere close to seawater, it may be difficult having that whitish-tailed swimmer in your home.

But in case your kids can’t stop asking for one after visiting uncle Peter that lives around the beach, then go get it and let them do the water-fetching part.

Hermit crab

Hermit Crab

Want to drag your visitors to watch natural movies in different episode? No, this is not the iCarly nickelodeon show for kids; it is a bunch of hermit crab in the WWE smackdown present to you by your very own aquarium. Hermit crabs are social animals and like to fight for space and shells. They will always want to show off with the best shell.

Just drop some food particle and numbered shells, relax and watch the tug of war in clear HD.



Don’t ask me about anything other than how snails survive in water. Snails are aquatic animals you know, but they can live in deep water like fish. Instead, they can strive and multiply in a half-filled tank, feel the water atmosphere and that of the land as well.

Snails are low maintenance animal and will remind every little child about boar in Moana.

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