Best 6 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Coat Healthier, Softer and Shinier From Inside Out

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We all have fought off the urge to compare our dogs to others; especially in term of size, coat and height. When it eventually happens, we ask ourselves, “What am I doing wrong?”

Unfortunately, purchasing and applying all the hair products you can get from your local pet store is only a temporary fix. That popular shampoo everyone seems to be talking about may help her look like a popular celebrity dog, but how lasting is it? A day? Or maybe a few days?

Dogs to Howl

There could be several cause of your dog’s dull coat looking very lifeless and dull:

  1. Poor health
  2. Nutritional deficiency
  3. Skin allergy or disease
  4. Weather
  5. Environment
  6. Bad hair shampoo / hair products! And many more!

The first process in fixing your dog’s coat is to determine which of the highlighted factor is causing his fur to dry out. Generally, nutritional deficiency occurs most because there are many cheap low-quality dog foods being sold in the market today. To fix this, you have to treat from inside.

Based on my experience with dogs, I would like to share with you the best six ways to make your dog’s coat healthier, softer and shinier from inside out.

  1. Feed Your Dogs Trusted Premium Dog Food Only

Personally, I love to feed my dogs homemade meals I prepare myself as I don’t trust too many dog foods. Most cheap and low quality fog foods are full of unbalanced nutrients. Some are made of grains, corn etc. Most who feed their dogs complain of their pet suffering from excessive shedding, liver failure and skin allergies.

But if you don’t have time to make homemade foods for your dogs, you should feed them only premium dog foods like Acana, Orijen or Nupec!

It’s vital to find out first what your dog is allergic to. If your fur friend is allergic to fish, meals with fish should be totally avoided. Otherwise, I would recommend Acana Pacifica. This dog food is formulated to provide luxurious coat and skin for any breed of dogs.

  1. One Teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil for Large Dogs, 1/4 for Small Dogs

This mixture is to be given once a day, 7 days a week. You can mix it with his food or drinking water

The health benefits of virgin coconut oil are so big. Apart from your dog’s shiny coat and skin, his energy, nutrient absorption and digestion will be increased. Plus, It helps prevent disease and infection, balances insulin and much more.

  1. Always Keep Your Dog’s Area Clean and Dry

Flooring or dirty matting can result to various types of bacterial infections, mostly eating away the dogs’ skin. Infections and skin allergies are very hard to recover from and even harder if it becomes excessive shedding.

  1. Use Organic Dog Shampoos

Do you know that too much chemicals can ruin anything? This is why I use organic dog conditioner and shampoo. I love Saint Roche as this is formulated with the best quality of herbal extracts that does wonders without affecting your dog’s health. Extracts like Oatmeal Oil Extract, Aloe Vera Extract,and Eucalyptus Oil Extract.

  1. Observe Proper Bathing Schedule

Avoid giving your dog a bath on a daily basis. You’re putting his health, coat and skin at risk. A daily dog bath can cause your purr friend coat to dry and shed excessively.

  1. Give him K9 Show Stopper Coat and Skin Optimizer

This product is very amazing and has never failed to perform excellently. There is no use of additional supplement as this already contains every essential nutrient your dog needs to become and stay healthy.

Author Bio:

Balogun owomide is an animal lover who blogs part time and a co-owner of a pet blog where he shares comprehensive guide, howto’s and reviews for your favorite pets:

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