Best Pets for Seniors

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Several pets have different qualities and personalities that require varying degrees of energy, commitment, and resources. That is why this article is focused on the best pets for seniors.

We are well aware that some pets can only be handled and cared for by active individuals or people who don’t mind a little bit of challenge and wouldn’t mind spending plenty of time and effort in taking care of a pet. Other pets are advised for people who may not be as energetic, have a complication with living space, or financial issues.

We often wonder what “best pets for seniors” do we have. Most senior citizens are searching for a pet that they adopt and allows them to manage their present standard of living that is on a fixed income. A pet that doesn’t need much space. A low maintenance pet and one that doesn’t need too much exercise.

We are happy to announce that there are several kinds of pets Mother Nature has made available to seniors, and all sorts of people.

1. Dogs

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Most senior citizens enjoy the idea of owning a dog but also aware they can’t handle a big active dog.

This is why dogs of smaller sizes like a Shih Tzu, Cavaliers, Charles spaniel, or Maltese, are great companion option for seniors.

Quiet dogs like Cavaliers are gentle-natured and do not take up much time nor energy to groom or maintain compared to some other breeds of dog. They are also the perfect size and can weigh about 15 pounds when they’re fully grown.

Shih Tzu’s are equally amazing, adorable, and calm dogs that senior citizens can enjoy handle. They are safe to handle and wouldn’t mind tagging along when seniors go for evening walks.


Another small but hardy dog that falls into the circle of dogs that seniors can have is the Maltese. Asides the need for regular grooming, Maltese are amazing lapdogs.

These breeds of dogs who do well in the smaller environment as they do not require big space to stay. They can be raised in smaller homes and would remain actively calm and well behaved as long as they are healthy. Due to their sizes, citizens can easily pick the dogs up and go for a walk without any constraints.

2. Cats

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Feline lovers would agree that cats are wonderful companions and are ideal pets for senior citizens. Cats are good because they need little or no energy to be handled.

Cats are quieter than most dogs, naturally independent, and know just when to clean up after themselves. They do not need plenty of space to be comfortable as they only need small space for themselves.

Short-haired cats are great pet options for many cat-loving senior citizens. Cats with long hair may need plenty of work since they need to be groomed or brushed; however, any cat is still an excellent option for senior citizens.

3. Fish


While a large-sized aquarium isn’t readily recommended for seniors to maintain, a small aquarium or bowl is more manageable for many people to manage.

Betta fish is calm, and they do well in small spaces. They are fun to keep and therapeutic to look at.

There and many other small freshwater fish that are good pet options for senior citizens; however, the size of the tank shouldn’t exceed 10 gallons for ease of tank cleaning and water changing.


Filters, some special lighting, and consistent feeding would be needed, but once that fish tank is set up, caring for the fish may require zero effort, especially when an automated feeder is in use.

4. Leopard Geckos

Leopard Geckos

Not easily thought of as a pet for senior citizens, some reptiles, like leopard geckos, actually make fantastic pets for individuals who need low maintenance, peaceful alternative to fish. Because of their tiny size, ease of care, and lack of noise, leopard geckos are best pets for seniors.

They are good to go once the enclosure prepared for them is set up. Setting their homes up doesn’t require much, as long as their homes have the proper lighting and props to keep them active. They also don’t need to be fed every day, and they don’t need immediate replacements since they live longer than fish.

Some large-sized but gentle reptiles, like the bearded dragons, need a daily supply of freshly prepared food and plenty of space.

Leopard geckos can be fed store-bought food like waxworks, mealworms, and crickets. They can also get comfortable in a 20-gallon tank. Their vibrant colors and morphs are some of the few reasons they are the best pets for seniors.

5. Insects

Types of Insects

If insects don’t give you the creeps, then you may want to consider having an invertebrate as a pet if you are a senior citizen. Spiders are a great option as they do not need plenty of space and are very easy to care for.

Naturally, invertebrates fed on other insects and are good alternatives to having a fish as a pet, without having to clean tanks or change out the water.

So what do you think? Would you like to get any of the above? Do you think you might be comfortable having a tarantula? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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