Is Your Bird Getting Enough Calcium

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As a bird owner, are you convinced that your pet is getting enough calcium? Calcium isn’t just like any other mineral it is the most abundant in the body, and it can be found both in our teeth and in our bones.

Due to heavy promotions and advertising by the dairy industry, we have been made to believe that dairy product is the best sources when it comes to getting calcium. Well, this to an extent is true because dairy products are a great source of calcium.

Also, with the rise of the availability of different varieties of cheese and yogurt, there are a plethora of choices that have been made available in the grocery stores and marketplaces. While this is good news for meat eaters, and other people, what do vegans and vegetarians do in this case? And what about our birds and people who are lactose intolerant?

What a lot of people do not know is that there are some excellent sources of calcium that are commonly found in sourced vegetables. The reason this piece of information is important is that many of the needs of our bird friends are the same as the needs of humans. And while we are at it here, I might as well just do an explanation on the properties of dietary requirements and also how the benefits our birds as well as us.

Remember that you need to feel good and eat healthy if you must take care of your bed properly. Maintaining a good diet is an awesome first step to ensuring that you are a healthy bird owner.

Calcium is necessary for strong teeth and bones. And you can find them in dark, heavy vegetables, as well as calcium-fortified foods, white beans, sea vegetables, oatmeal, and certain juices.

Those green and rich sources of calcium like okra, kale, spinach, broccoli, collard, bok choy, Chinese cabbage, collard greens, and mustard greens can easily be purchased from grocery stores anywhere around the world. Though a little expensive, almond butter is also a great source of calcium.

If you are not in the mood to always give your bird some greens, there are other sources of calcium that are healthy for them. Sesame seeds dried seeds and almonds are easy to find and rich sources of calcium which gives you plenty of choices for your diet as well as that of your bird.

Nevertheless, there is an issue you must consider when frequently feeding some of the above vegetables.


Spinach is one vegetable that contains oxalic acid, and this acid binds with the calcium and reduces its absorption into the body. This would mean that spinach should be fed less often than other leafy greens. You can find more calcium in 3/4 cup of collard greens than you can find in 1 cup of cows milk. The same calculation applies to quinoa.

By feeding these food items, you will be boosting the calcium level in your bird and making sure that it benefits from the much-needed minerals without having to worry about feeding them any form of dairy products. Giving your bird enough calcium will help to maintain a normal heart reading healthy bones as well as help the nerves in their nervous system communicate with each other.

The African grey parrots particularly need a higher amount of vitamin a and calcium in their diet. For this reason, seeing to it that this bird gets their leafy greens is an essential aspect of a healthy diet.

Another factor you must consider if your bird must have strong and healthy bones is regular exercise. Active birds that are allowed to climb the fly and flap whether in a protected area or simply by hanging on to its owner’s hand with its feet is getting the right kind of exercise.

Exercising for stronger bones is not only useful to birds, but also for human beings. When humans are more active, be it by walking, running. Or even getting engaged in other forms of exercises, we are unknowingly decreasing the chance of weakened bones and osteoporosis as we grow older.

The more active a person is the better the person’s flexibility and balance which can work in your favor to prevent unnecessary falling and the injuries that might follow such falls. A bird that is active and feeds on enough greens and other healthy foods is at a lower risk of having issues associated with injuries as well as bone problems.

So, what we suggest is that you pour in all of the healthy grains into your bird’s food bowl. Is your bird getting enough calcium? how have you been providing it’s daily calcium needs? we look forward to your comments and contributions.

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