6 Exotic Family Pets

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Is your family ready to delve into the world of the daring and unusual? Consider buying a pet from the wild kingdom, one that is a bit different from the normal cat, dog, or parakeet.

Think about adding one of these pets to your household. Each one has advantages and disadvantages so choose carefully to get exactly the right one for your unique circumstances.

1. Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are extremely cute. Your kids will want it if they see it. They will love to see them glide for some distance. In the wild, they fly from tree to tree. However, they may not be right for you.

They are messy. You need to keep them caged as they cannot be toilet trained. They also suck the good stuff from their food and leave the rest for you to clean up.

They are nocturnal so it is best to play with them in the evening when they wake up.

2. Iguanas


Keeping an iguana can be a bit tricky. The housing requirements are very specific. They need warmth and two types of special lighting.

They get big, up to six feet long, so keep that in mind when choosing one as a pet. Do you really want to live with a six foot lizard?

3. Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are adorable and small enough to fit into little hands. They are clean, don’t smell or bite and would love to hang out on your kid’s shoulder or arms. They are low maintenance after you set up their living quarters.

4. Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crab

Consider adopting a creature from the sea. These do not require much care. Keep them in a tank with gravel, food and water.

5. Hedgehogs


The number one thing to remember is that they have quills that can hurt if they poke you. They are not as dangerous as porcupines.

They have poor eyesight and keen senses of smell and hearing. They know you by your smell. They learn to trust you after a while but will fight if there are two in a cage.

6. Finches


Finches are quiet compared to parrots and other birds. They get lonely so it is best to buy a pair of them.

Be sure to research the care and feeding of any pet you are thinking of adopting as part of your family. Learn the pros and cons and consider who will actually take charge of it.

Is your child mature enough to responsibly care for it, or will you be the one to do it after the novelty wears off?

Some states have passed laws about exotic pets, so find out first and save your family from heartbreak if you get the wrong one.

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