Fish Make Great First Pets

My son loves animals of all kingdoms. He has a healthy sense of fear when approaching any animal, but his curiosity is very high and he wants to touch.

Now that he is 3 and a half years of age, I believe the time is right to get him his very own first pet. Where we live, cats and dogs are not allowed without a hefty deposit, so I decided to get him a fish.

It is a perfect first pet. There are no worries of being bitten, no cleaning up of piles of feces and no concern that they will cost a fortune in feeding. There will be no urinating all over my favorite blouse or the tearing up of shoes. Fish make a great pet with very low maintenance.

The only draw back would be that they do not have a long life span. This can be beneficial in the teaching of the circle of life, something that needs to be taught in a delicate manner and preferably of an animal over a person. It is still not easy, but you know your child best and will know the best way to approach the subject.

I just loved the way my son’s eyes lit up when he looked at the hundreds of fish swimming in the tanks. His excitement over choosing a fish to call his own was wonderful to watch. The name he chose was “Beautiful” for his blue fish. Now I have to teach him how to care for Beautiful by feeding and changing his water when it becomes dirty.

My son seems so mesmerized by his new friend. I am having a hard time keeping him from tapping the side of the tank, but I think he will get it. I am so glad that we decided to go with a fish for the first pet, as I know it will go a long way in teaching my son to care for another living creature.

I would love to get my son a little dog or kitten in the future but of course, having the space for them to run free and my son being a little older to help in taking care of their needs would be necessary.

Beautiful is a new part of our family and I pray that the lesson of life does not come too soon. We will cross that bridge when the time comes, but until then, we will enjoy watching her swim in her new home and perhaps purchase a friend to join her.

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