5 Hairless Cat Breeds You Probably Did Not Know

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You may be curious about the many cat breeds which are hairless, on whether they are hairless and if their maintenance cost is low.

Therefore, if you love their counterparts with fur, prepare to have your appetite satisfied with a crash course on these hairless cat breed. Once you have read this article, your certainly will want to own these hairless cat breeds.

1. Bambino

Bambino cat

It is a cute cross between the Sphynx and Munchkin which has a wedge-shaped head and lemon-like eyes, with this cat breed being new since it was created in 2005.

Furthermore, it has short, well-muscled legs which show why it is classified as a dwarf, but this does not slow down this cat at all, therefore, can take corners like a racing car. Like its Italian namesake; a small child, baby or toddler, this cat has tremendous energy and plenty of activity.

Despite being part of the small cat committee, Bambinos have an average weight of between 4.9 and 8.8 pounds, as well as big on cuddles, compassion and charisma thus will speedily capture your heart.

Bambinos are not hypoallergenic like all cat breeds that are hairless, consequently producing similar allergy-causing Fel d 1 like furred felines.

2. Donskoy


It a hairless heartthrob who has a quartet of aliases namely; Russian Donskoy, Don Sphynx, Don Hairless and Russian Hairless and you definitely will adore this cat if a mystery man holds, the key to your heart. The discovery of the first Donskoy was in Russia back in 1987 by Elena Kovaleva.

Elena saw a group of boys being mean to the kitten and rescued her, subsequently naming the kitten Varvara, who began losing her hair as time passed.

Additionally, her litter of kittens she had given birth to started losing hair too, something which was first thought to be an infection before an expert breeder investigated and realized this to be a new breed, and the Donskoy was born.

These cats do not necessitate a lot of interaction and attention and are famous for their dog-like loyalty. Also, the Donskoy are friendly, intelligent and highly intuitive hence making this breed relatively easy to train.

Fun Fact: During the colder months, these cats grow a winter coat often seen on their tail and chest which they later shed when the temperature levels increase.

3. Peterbald


The Peterbald is a cross between the Oriental Shorthair and the Donskoy subsequently giving this breed a classy look of a Siamese in hairless form. When it comes to this cat, affection levels run high as evidenced by him often sitting next to you during meals and curling up under the covers when it is bedtime.

Peterbalds love conversing with humans as well as being very vocal like Orientals, greeting you when you get back home and seeing you off in the morning as you leave.

Fun Fact: Comparable to other hairless cat breeds, this cat has a much higher metabolism rate in comparison to cats which have full coats hence making more food vital. Interestingly, having a faster metabolism makes wounds and scratches present on their skin heal faster.

4. Sphynx

Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx is possibly the most famous among the hairless cat breeds, with this the result of its appearance in pop culture. Mr. Bigglesworth of the legendary Austin Power film franchise being a Sphynx almost stole the screen from Mike Myers.

Anyway, celebrity status aside, this cat breed was ranked by the Cat Fanciers’ as being the most popular cat breed in 2016, an honor most likely attributed to this cat’s friendly personality and good looks. Additionally, according to the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, the Sphynx was ranked as the most loving cat breed,

Fun Fact: Despite being naked, Sphynx skins are different with this cat breed coming in color and patterns which copy that of their furred familia, as well as coming in tortie and tabby shades.

5. Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy

This breed is a cross between Scottish Fold and Donskoy and is possibly the most distinctive cardholder among the hairless breeds of cat’s crew since she has not one, but two signature features.

It includes possessing squeal-worthy folded ears and lack of hair completely, and despite this cat breed loving affection and attention, she is still content being on her own and thus not excessively demanding of its owners.

At first, the Ukrainian Levkoy is somewhat distant, but after getting to know you, all she will be about are cuddles and gets along well with everyone, be it other animals, children to adults.

Fun Facts: With her origins dating back to only to the early 2000s, this is a new breed, and has wrinkles throughout her hairless form which give her a unique look.

Facts to Know About Hairless Cat Breeds

  1. Hairless cat breeds usually are curious and highly intelligent having dog-like affection and loyalty. Due to that, they require plenty of love and mental stimulation from their owners.
  2. Some of the hairless cat breeds such as the Peterbald and Donskoy have various coat types which provide the slightest hint of fur, from brush to velour and flocked to rubber bald. However, the Bambino, Sphynx and Ukrainian Levkoy are typically covered in a thin, silky fuzz hence making them feel like suede.
  3. Hairless cat breeds are shown a little TLC through their grooming routines since they need much more help from humans in comparison to the furred felines which mostly groom themselves with slight assistance from humans. Thus, these cats need to be wiped down daily throughout their bodies to absorb the excess oils which usually get soaked up by the fur, as well as monthly baths, which can be done more often to avert skin problems. Additionally, you need to clean the ears every week to get rid of the wax debris and build-up and prevent diseases. Lastly, these cat breeds necessitate sun protection, therefore, utilize an SPF formulated for cats to avoid sunburns as well as a sweater for the colder months.

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