How to Choose a Family Dog

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A dog really is man’s best friend, and choosing to add one of the four-legged friends to your home is a decision that will fill your heart with extra love for a long time to come. Everyone in the home will love the new addition.

Dogs are always so much fun, and definitely show their human family plenty of love and appreciation for being added to the family.

However, when you have children in your home there are many additional considerations that must be put into effect to choose the right dog.

When you take all of these factors into consideration, you can be sure that your family will have the perfect dog to love.

What Breed will you Choose?

First, the breed of the dog you select is always important. If you have a child or children in your home, you will want to choose a breed that has a reputation for being good with children, calm and playful.

Some breeds to consider include the collie, the Miniature Poodle, the Pug and Labrador retrievers. These dogs are gentle, kind and affectionate and usually have lots of energy for plenty of play time fun with the kids.

There are many other breeds that are excellent choices for families, however, so do not stop with this selection. Do a bit of research of the various dog breeds to determine which is most suitable for your family.

Not only should you research breeds to learn the best for children but also to learn more about the personality of the dog. Some dogs are very high maintenance and require lots of attention from their owners.

Do you have the time that is required to care for a dog that requires a lot of maintenance and attention? Others prefer to relax after a few hours of playing. This type of dog is suitable for families leading busy lives.

The level of activity is important since you should be able to provide the pet with the attention that it requires.

What Age of Dog Would You Prefer?

Most people prefer puppies, but some prefer adult dogs. If you select a puppy you have the opportunity to train the dog and ‘grow’ with it, however there will also be a lot of extras you will need to teach the dog, such as going outside to potty and poo, how to sit, roll over, etc.

Also, do you want male or female? Male dogs tend to be more aggressive while females are more calm and mild-natured. If you want puppies in the future, a female, of course, will be needed.

You will also be more prepared to care for your dog if you are aware of the potential health issues that the dog could encounter.

Some breeds are more prone to certain diseases and conditions than others. This can help you better understand what to look out for during pet ownership.

Your Children should Know

It is important that you teach your child the proper way to act around the dog. Even young children can be taught how to love a pet. Never let your child hit or pull the dog’s tail or ears.

It is important that your child also learn how their dog is loving and affectionate, but can become mean and aggressive if taunted. This is true of all breeds.

Choosing a smaller dog is probably ideal for families with young children. Although there are some big dogs that make a great family pet, there is just less worry with a smaller dog.

Be sure that you also choose a reputable breeder from which to purchase your animal. Purchasing a pet from a reputable breeder ensures that the pet has been cared for properly.

One of the most important details that should be considered when choosing  a dog breed is the type of dog that you like. Of course you probably have a breed/size/color of dog in mind. Use your desires combined with other factors to make your choice of choosing a dog easier.

Final Thoughts

Take all of these considerations into effect when you are ready to add a new pooch to your family. You will love the new pet that you select!

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