How to Get Rid of Insects

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With the summer heat in full effect in most cities around the U.S., insects are also making their presence known.

While some of these insects are simply a nuisance, others bite or sting and run the risk of causing you serious injury. Obviously you can purchase repellents and bug sprays at most any store, but there are even more ways for you to tell those annoying insects hasta la vista, baby.

Dish liquid is one cocktail that will destroy bugs in their path. Fill a spray bottle with Dawn (or your preferred brand) dish detergent and water. Spray the insect. The dish liquid contains ingredients that will cause the insect’s shell to disintegrate.

This is a cheap method of quickly ridding insects from your life, and it works wonderfully for many different types of pests invading your territory. It is especially beneficial against fruit flies, one of summer’s peskiest pests.

Having an ant problem is not good news for any household. Small and pesky, ants can quickly invade any area of the home where food is present. Even a tiny morsel can cause a significant problem for you.

The home solution? Baby powder. Sprinkle it over the ant nest and within a few days you should notice the problem gone.

Sugar and baking soda can be mixed together for a wonderful roach killer. Of course the cockroaches want the sweet sugar and will go for it. However, the baking soda will kill them, so you come out the winner!

Mosquitoes are another annoying summer nuisance. You can purchase a variety of citronella products from your local store, however, there are tons of natural ways to rid them as well.

First and foremost, be sure to remove their breeding environment. Mosquitoes love water, moisture and dampness and usually live nearby these locations.


Along with this step, you can place beautiful mosquito-repelling plants in your garden, such as lavender and citronella. Thyme, basil and peppermint are herbs that you can plant that are also wonderful for repelling mosquitoes.

You mustn’t simply kill the insects that you see. Unless you kill their nest they’ll quickly return and continue wreaking havoc on your life. One of the most difficult portions of killing the nest is actually locating it, but once you do it should be removed and/or sprayed with an insect killer.

You won’t need to hire an expensive exterminator when you put these tips to good use. Why not try your hand at getting rid of those pesky insects?

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