Important Things That You Should Know About Your Dog’s Skin Health

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When you see your dog, you probably notice his beautiful coat of fur first. However, what you may not think about is that there’s a whole body of skin underneath that hair and that skin needs care, too!

If you have a pet dog and you want to ensure his skin is as healthy as possible, check out the following info. By arming yourself with a knowledge of how to care for your dog’s skin, you can ensure it stays healthy and comfortable for years to come.

Dog’s Skin is Affected by the Sun

You know how you always need to wear sunscreen when you go out into the sun? Your dog does, too. That’s because the sun affects the health of your dog’s skin, even under all that fur.

Your dog can get sunburned when it is overexposed to the sun and these burns can cause skin cancer. Check with your vet about an acceptable sunblock for your pup, as well as how long it’s okay for your dog to be in the sun.

Dogs Need Grooming for Their Skin, Too

When you get your dog groomed, it’s not just for his hair. It’s also for the health of his skin. Brushing your dog can help get rid of dead skin cells, and bathing them the right amount can help clear up any irritations, dead skin, matting, and more. Make sure you don’t bathe your dog too much, though, since over-bathing can cause dry and irritated skin.

Your Dog’s Skin Health Can Affect His Fur

When your dog’s skin isn’t healthy, it can affect the way that his coat looks. This means that his fur may look dull, or it may shed excessively. Skin conditions can also cause hair loss, which will result in bald patches on your dog’s body.

If your dog’s skin seems to be affected by his fur or he’s simply itching uncomfortably you should take him to the vet. Your dog can check out his skin and diagnose any conditions, like allergies or atopic dermatitis. He can then prescribe something like Apoquel, which is a great allergy medication for dogs.

Fish Oil Can Help

One supplement that can help the health of your dog’s skin is fish oil. Fish oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which also helps human’s skin, too. Ask your vet about a fish oil supplement that is safe to feed your dog.

Treat Hot Spots Quickly

When your dog has an irritated or itchy spot on his skin, he can obsess over it, licking it or scratching it until it’s raw. The red, swollen spots he can cause are called hot spots, and it’s important to treat hot spots on the skin quickly.

Hot spots can be caused by serious things like fleas, bacterial infections, mites and more. So, if you see a hot spot develop on your dog’s skin, it’s time to take him to get checked out by your vet.

Understanding how to care for each part of your dog is an important part of keeping him healthy. So, it’s important to know about your dog’s skin, so you can either help to maintain its best condition or spot if something seems off with him. By taking care of your dog’s skin regularly, you can ensure that he lives his most comfortable, happiest life possible.

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