Is a Bird a Good Pet?

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When deciding on a pet for your family you need to take into consideration a lot of things.  You want to pick one that is right for the family as a whole.

One thing you will need to consider is where you live. For example, if you are living in a small apartment, a dog may not be the best of pets, but if you live in a house with a yard, a dog just might be the right pet for you.

However, if you are not too keen about walking your dog, this will not be the best idea either. If you live in an apartment, a small dog or cat might work, but birds are also something to consider.

Before you decide on a bird you need to be aware that birds live for a long time and require a lot of care. For example, the macaw can live for 100 years and have special dietary requirements. Despite this there are a lot of reasons to get a bird as a pet.

Birds are easier to take care of than other pets. Cats and dogs have the run of the house but you can keep your bird in its cage. This is very helpful when you have to leave the house to run errands.

You also don’t need to take them for walks. For many people, cleaning the cage once a day is much easier than walking the dog or cleaning the litter box every day.

Keep in mind that even if the bird is in its cage, it can be very demanding by making constant noise which, if you are in the same room, may be hard to ignore.

Also, just because you have a cage for the bird does not mean it needs to be kept in there 24 hours a day; some bird owners only put the bird in their cage at night.

You should also be aware that the mess a bird makes is not necessarily confined to the cage. You will soon quickly realize that you will need to clean below it each day.

Birds don’t require much grooming, and when they’re happy and healthy, they preen themselves to keep their feather coat beautiful.

All you will have to do on a regular basis is give your bird a bath, shower, or spray them with  tepid distilled water. You may also need to get their beak and nails cut on a regular basis.

It is not difficult to do this on your own if you want to give it a try. Keep in mind that birds not only preen themselves but will attempt to preen you too.

As you may know, many birds are intelligent enough that they can actually talk. In addition they are quick to learn new things about you and their environment.

How much fun it would be to have a pet that talks to you and has the capacity to learn things when you stimulate them. This is a challenge for pet owners, to find a new way to stimulate their bird that has a remarkable capacity to use their brain.

Keep in mind though, that exotic birds that are left alone for endless hours while their owners are at work may develop behavioral issues due to the lack of stimulation. Exotic birds need constant interaction and stimulation from you and their environment.

Just like with people, the smaller the animal the less they need to be fed. Most birds are fed a diet of vegetables, fruits, seeds and a high quality pelleted food specific to the species of bird you have.

Keep in mind that it may cost you up to $100 a month to feed a bird, buy toys and any other supplies you may need. You will also need to take into consideration that you will need to take it to the vet once a year for its annual checkup.

It is important that it have blood work done once a year to make sure it’s healthy; this is due to the fact that birds are prone to disease.

Smaller species of birds such as canaries, budgies and finches are great birds for apartments because they can be kept in a small cage and don’t need the full range of the whole apartment like a cat or dog.

Keep in mind that it is not healthy to keep a bird confined to a cage all the time.  Many birds spend the entire day out of their cage so they can get the proper exercise.

If you do keep your bird in a cage all day, (which is not recommended) you need to buy the biggest cage possible so that they have room to move around.

Studies have shown that birds can be more social than cats and dogs if you are willing to spend the time letting them out of their cage and giving them the personal attention in terms of interacting and training them.

Unlike other animals however, the don’t always bond to every family member but usually just one. Research has shown that birds are more sociable than kitties.

There have been families who have not spent the time interacting with their bird and the bird has become self-destructive.

Because birds love the attention they are easy to train. Isn’t it much easier to train them than a dog? The only problem is that sometime they learn things you don’t want them to.

Although you may have thought it hilarious on TV when you here a bird say “Aunt Cheryl is a dote,” this could be a problem if Aunt Cheryl is visiting.

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