Looking Ahead to Summer: Plan for Pet Expenses

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Summer will be upon us soon and if you are a pet owner you need to be aware of some costs that may come up considering your pet.

Our family has a dog and two cats and we are trying to plan for what expenses we might incur this summer with them. We try to plan ahead so that we are not overwhelmed with the expenses, so we sat down and came up with the following possible costs.

If you think about them now you can put a little money away every week so it won’t be such a burden on you when the time arises. This is what our family tries to do.

This brings us to the cost of going on vacation and what we will do with our animals while we are away.

We are planning on flying to Grandma’s house this summer and we just won’t be able to bring the pets so we need to decide what to do with them. If you are planning on going away for a vacation like we are, you will have to do something with your dog or cat if you can’t bring them with you.

If you have a friend or neighbor that has a pet you might be able to swap sitting one for the other, if not a pet sitter would be the next best idea. This would provide the least disruption for your cat or dog.

If you know when you are going on vacation, you may want to search out a pet sitter now if that is the route you are going to take. You should do this as soon as possible so you can get them booked for the dates you plan on going away.

You can also get an estimate of what it will cost so you can put the money away. Dog sitter’s charges can vary greatly so it’s a good idea to investigate this in advance.

Although a kennel can work, if you are like me I am not a big fan of leaving my dog at the kennel.  I am not too keen on her being around all the other dogs and I am a little afraid of what happens after I leave.

If we do take them to the kennel and leave them, it may cost up to $50 dollars a night for one dog. If you do decide to go the kennel route do not wait to the last minute. Kennels tend to fill up quickly. If you know when you are going on vacation, reserve your dates now. It will let you choose which kennel you want.

If you think you might leave your dog at the kennel, you will need to get them a kennel cough shot.

A kennel cough shot is to prevent you dog from getting kennel cough, or bordetella, a disease that can readily be transmitted from one dog to another and is very common for dogs to get if they are boarded at a kennel.

This shot usually costs about $25. Make sure you check with your vet and see what their advice is about this.

Two other costs that you must consider during the warmer months for your furry pets is the cost of a flea/tick repellant and a heart worm pill.

These are important to make sure your dog or cat gets the preventative care they need. Failure to use these for your pets could result in them getting infested with fleas, roundworms and heart worm.

You don’t want your pets to become ill and you also don’t want to have to pay to have them get better. Check with your vet and see what they recommend as far as preventing these “illnesses.” Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Have a great and safe summer with your pets.

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