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If you really enjoy dogs, like working closely with them, and have a lot of patience, then owning a dog grooming business might be the best career choice you could ever make.

If you’re planning on going into the dog grooming business, some necessary skills are being able to handle a pair of scissors and electric trimmers, brushes of all types, blow driers, and other grooming equipment.

That’s only the start, of course. becoming a professional dog groomer requires extensive schooling and training. You’ll need to have knowledge about the various breeds of dogs, their traits and behaviors, their body types, fur, and the style in which they should be groomed (also referred to as the breed standard).

Owning a dog grooming business might sound fun and easy, but it can at time it can be a difficult and challenging occupation. Some dogs are not going to want to sit still and be groomed, and you’ll need to know how to pacify and control them for the time they’re in your care. Some dogs will even be terrified by the experience. This is where loving dogs is an important trait, because you’ll be working with them in close proximity on a daily basis.

The first thing you’ll need before opening a professional dog grooming business is schooling. Just as professional beauticians have to go to school to learn their trade, so do dog groomers.

There are a number of good online schools that teach this trade, and this can be a great option if you live in a rural area or you need something that will fit a flexible schedule. But the best option is to attend a regular offline school if you can, because of the hands-on training and interaction with teachers and your classmates.

The amount of training you’ll need depends on the type of dog grooming you plan on pursuing. If you only want to do basic grooming like clipping and nail trimming, bathing and drying, you won’t need as much training as a full groomer.

On the other hand, if you plan on becoming a show dog groomer, plan on spending years practicing and learning your craft before a show dog owner will let you go near their dog.

There is a dog grooming certification offered by the National Dog Groomers Association of American. In order to get certified, you’ll need to attend an accredited NDGAA workshop, pass a written exam, then do a hands-on exhibition of your grooming skills on a variety of different dog breeds.

Owning a dog grooming business allows you to have flexible hours and working conditions. Some prefer to groom dogs at the clients home or place of work, while others have an office and the dogs are brought to them. Some dog groomers even have arrangements where they work inside a kennel or doggie day care business, providing an additional service to busy clients.

Just like any other business, groomers are required to get a business license and buy insurance to cover the animals in their care. It also helps to have basic business skills such as marketing and book keeping, and the ability to project a professional image and work well with clients.

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