Facts About the Papillion Dog Breed

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Papillion is perhaps the most popular dog specie. It is small, and has longhairs, cute and delicate. Because of its nature, this specie is the most loved by various owners. These dogs are known to be energetic, and they are lively.

Due to their lovely nature, they also demand love and attention from its owners. If you were such that like to play around, this pet can actually be your companion. They can play with you to your satisfaction. The fact remains that these dogs are irresistible.

Many toy pets on the market today are derived from this wonderful specie. The pet does not possess spaniel like traits, and this makes it a bit different from other species out there such as springer spaniels and cocker.

One thing unique with this specie is that it appears to the oldest of the toy dogs on the market today, and the breed is most loved in the world and that is why it is dominating the toy dog market.

If you love this pet and you plan to own one in the future, it is good you know the characteristics of this popular pet. There are eight important facts of this pet you need to know today.

The name of the pet

Papillion Dog

The breed name is Papillion. The name is derived from the French word, and it literally means butterfly. It is given the name because the fringed and long ears look like a butterfly.

When it comes to ears, there are two types of ears and it include the stand erect or the pointed ear. This is known as butterfly. The other has the ears dropping and it is called Phalene dogs. The word Phalene is also derived from French, and it stands for moth. This specie is spaniel like when compared to their Papillion counterpart.

Apart from that popular name, there are also other names they are known for, and that depends on the country. Some call it toys spaniel, continental toy, spaniel as well as dwarf spaniel and so on.

They have been historic

This dog as said remains the long-known toy breeds. They have been existing for centuries back. Because of their toy nature, many aristocracies accept it. It is not surprising that you can see the species in the paintings dated 1400s and even beyond that. Even in the old days, the form and shape has remained to what it is today. There are no changes.

These pets can be sporty

The statue will deceive you about this pet. You may think that it is delicate and incapable of anything. This is far from the truth. Those who know the dog will tell that it is energetic and very lively. If you want a good outgoing dog breed, you can consider this specie. It plays a lot and it can exercise a lot. You will be happy with this toy.

For those who are interested in canine sports of different kinds, this breed is good for that. It is popular for its agility.

Very intelligent dogs

The most important aspect of this pet that people tend to ignore, because of the small nature is the high level of intelligence. In the Coren ranking of intelligence, this dog can rank very high. It is ranking number eight and it is not surprising.

Perhaps, the most surprising thing is that it can beat other bigger animals in intelligence. When it comes to intelligence, it can compare with springer spaniel, Rottweiler, and Belgian Malinois.

When you combine the high energy with its high intelligence, and the desire to satisfy you, you discover this is the most versatile dog. It is not difficult to train as it is quick to learn, and very observant. It is superior to bigger dogs in many aspects.

Very strong

You see that it possesses everything you want such as high energy, very intelligent. They possess enough mental and physical stimulation. It is expected that with time this specie could become rude and difficult to manage. Because of this attribute, it is expected that this dog is good for such activities like exercises, games, and other activities. These can bring out the best in that pet.

Pay special attention to the pet ears

The most outstanding feature of this dog is the ear hair. You should pay special attention to this part of the body. Ensure that you clean it very well and prevent any form of obstructions. Maintain it to look attractive.

These pets are very bossy

The pets can be timid and shy when they see people they are not used to. Moreover, they can socialize with other pets, especially dogs, but they do not like getting involved in rough plays without having adequate training for that. They can become small terrors when you underrate it.

These pets require attention

The belts require your attention and they can bond very well with family members. They do not like it when you leave them a long time without attention. They require your constant love.

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