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Do you have an interest in owning a pet-related business or starting a new career working with animals?

If you are, you’re not alone, and be aware that opportunities abound in the rapidly-growing pet services industry.

There are a number of pet-related businesses that can be launched with a relatively small initial investment. You could start a pet sitting business, open a retail pet store, start a dog grooming or pet breeding operation, a doggie day care center, a pet photography business, or bake custom dog and cat treats, just to name a few.

If you’re not up to being a business owner (at least at the present time), then you can still work in these rewarding career fields as an employee of a new or established business. After all, many entrepreneurs got their feet wet and gained valuable experience by starting out as entry-level employees and then working their way up the ladder.

For one example, pet grooming is a career that has shown tremendous growth in recent years. Groomers wash, brush, and trim pets’ hair and nails. Most of the animals they groom are dogs, but they might also groom cats as well.

Groomers are trained to observe the health of animals and report any unusual symptoms to the owner. They also maintain equipment, cleaning and sanitizing it to prevent the spread of disease, and ensure that their work environment is clean and safe for the animals.

Pet sitting and dog walking are two more pet-related businesses that are thriving in recent years. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many dog owners simply don’t have the time during the day to give their pets the required exercise.

People are also traveling more, and many don’t want to impose on their friends or relatives to look in on their pets while they’re away.

Pet related jobs and businesses are growing at a rapid rate

The answer for many is to hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker to handle these important duties for them.  Many pet owners also find that they prefer to keep their pets at home in familiar surroundings rather than board them in a kennel while they’re away.


Dogs and other pets generally do better in their home environment, and are also spared the exposure to potential illness from other animals in a kennel or boarding facility. Do you love to photograph your pet?

Then you might consider starting a pet photography business. Owners of dogs, cats, reptiles, horses, champion livestock, birds, and even fish can all be potential customers. Full time or part time, operate the service on a mobile basis, from a home-based studio, or from pet shops, or combine all to cover all the bases.

Making the experience fun for pets and their owners will go a long way toward securing repeat business and a ton of referrals, so liven things up with pet costumes, themed backdrops, and by offering pet videotaping services, complete with music, titles and special effects.

Dog training is another growing business opportunity in the pet service industry. No one likes an ill-behaved dog who’s out of control and a nuisance to everyone who comes in contact with it.

Puppies need to be trained in proper dog etiquette, from learning how to heel and sit on command, to not jumping up on the furniture – or other people. There’s also a need to train adopted shelter dogs who may have acquired some bad behaviors in their former life.

Opening a pet store can be a great small business opportunity

Then of course there’s the option of opening an independent pet store. This is probably the most expensive pet-related business to launch, mainly because you’ll need to lease a retail location, and buy enough initial inventory to open the doors.

Other considerations are the cost and training of employees, insurance costs, advertising expenses, and the possibility that a large chain-store competitor could move into your area. This is not to discourage you if you decide that opening a pet store is your best option. Many people who do find them to be profitable and enjoyable businesses to operate.

If you don’t want to start a pet shop from scratch, another option is to buy a franchise opportunity in this industry. The advantages of a franchise include an established brand name, a proven business system, access to co-op advertising, market research, employee training and more. You’ll pay more to start a franchise business, but it is typically money well spent in the long run.

This article covers many, but not all of the possible pet-related businesses and careers.  For more information browse the categories in the left navigation section of our site. Tell us what you think – add a comment below!

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