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Do you have a love for dogs? Do you enjoy raising and training purebred dogs and puppies? If so, becoming a professional dog breeder could offer the rewarding career and business you’ve been waiting for.

And with many purebred puppies selling for hundreds and even thousands of dollars in today’s market, it can be a lucrative business as well.

Just be aware that the job of a dog breeder is not as easy as it may sound to someone who’s never had experience in this fascinating and challenging business.

With so many breeds of dogs, and many breeding lines that can produce a wide variety of traits within those lines, professional dog breeding is a complex and inexact science. It’s not a simple as paring up two purebred dogs of opposite sex and the same breed and letting nature take it’s course.

And these days many top breeders are mixing breeds to create new “designer dogs,” making the process even more complicated to master. A professional dog breeder’s duties involve more than just reproducing animals.

They are also responsible for the feeding, care, and overall well being of the animals in their charge. A good breeder also needs to have knowledge and experience with artificial insemination techniques, the traits and anatomy of the breed in question, and have experience birthing animals.

When deciding what breeds of dogs to specialize in, make sure you choose an animal that you’ll enjoy being around for years to come. If you love big dogs, for example, you might not want to breed poodles or beagles. If hunting dogs are your thing, you probably won’t be happy breeding German Shepherds.

When you do decide on a breed to specialize in, study up on that type of animal and its breed standards. If you don’t already own that particular dog, visit pet shops and attend shows for that particular breed.

Talk to the owners of those dogs and find out what they like and don’t like about the breed. There are also books published for just about any purebred dog you can think of, so buy one and study it cover to cover. You’ll also want one of the many books that spell out the entire breeding process in great details, so read and study that as well.

Just keep in mind that success as a professional animal breeder probably won’t come overnight. It can take years or even decades to breed show-quality pedigree animals that customers will pay top dollar for. Most likely you’ll have to start your business as a hobby, and not be concerned about making money right away.

There are considerable costs in starting up a professional dog breeding business. Not only will you have to purchase a purebred breeding pair, but there are also the costs for veterinarian visits, food, shelter, and grooming to maintain good health and breed standards.

If you learn the ropes and get a good reputation as a top breeder, there is good money to be made in this industry. Some dog breeders make $50,000 year or more, not a bad wage for a business where you get to work around fantastic animals that will give some happy owner years of enjoyment.

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