Puppy Power! Proper Nutrition for Your Pup

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Your puppy needs the proper nutrition to grow up healthy and strong. Just like a baby or child, a puppy has special needs for his nutrition.

It is essential that you choose a great dog food for your furry friend, maintain the proper feeding schedule and take a few other steps to ensure the best health of your pet. It isn’t difficult to take care of your pet and ensure that he is getting the nutrition that is needed.

Your pet is considered to be a puppy until his first birthday, or 12 months of age. You’ll need to provide your puppy with age-appropriate foods and treats until this time.

It’s easy to find these products since the labels usually indicate their use for puppies. You can also find breed-specific food for your puppy if you’re interested. These foods provide additional nutrients based on breed.

The dog food that you select is important to the growth and good health of your puppy. Shy away from the cheap store brands, since they often contain by-products rather than nutritious and wholesome ingredients.

While you’re reading the label, make sure that you see AAFCO on the label. This label indicates the dog food meets or exceeds standards, containing all 36 of the vital nutrients that your puppy needs. You can also ask your veterinarian for dog food brand recommendations, look for online reviews and ask family and friends.

Both dry dog food and wet dog food is available for your puppy. It is a personal preference as to which of these should be offered to your puppy, however, most veterinarians recommend using a combination of both types to ensure adequate nutrition for your pet.

The moist dog foods do not contain all of the essential nutrients that your puppy needs, making the dry food an excellent substitute.

Your puppy will need to eat more often than an adult dog. A schedule of two to three times per day should fulfill his hunger and nutritional needs.


Space these meals out over the course of the day, offering your puppy one cup of dry food or one can of wet dry food per meal. Do not overfeed your puppy. Doing so can cause a number of health problems and concerns for your pooch and can also lead to obesity.

Keeping your pet healthy is as simple as choosing a great puppy food and maintaining a proper feeding schedule. Use the information above to help give your pet puppy power.

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