Reasons Why Your Cat Loves the Bathroom

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If you own a cat or you’ve been around cats, it probably will not be any surprise to you that cats love bathrooms. Does your cat have the habit of following you into the bathroom every single time it probably would rub it buddy on your legs while you are there or maybe secretly lounging in the sink while you’re away? Some cats me even gnaw at the door and meow loudly when you shut the door to the bathroom without letting them in.


The question now is, why do cats seek more attention when you’re in the bathroom than in any other part of the house? is there anything special about the bathroom that you and I are unaware of? well, that mystery is about to be unravelled. Continue reading to find out why your cat prefers the bathroom to any other part of your house.

1. A bathroom is a nice place to play

A bathroom can seem like an amusement park for your cat. Every Cat loves to have fun, and the bathroom seems to have all the equipment they need to have a swell time with or without you. I mean come on, there’s a bathtub to play in, there are towels and bathrobes probably hanging from the wall and then there is a roll of tissue to mess around with. What more can a playful little cat ask for?

The rug of bath mat could make the perfect place for your feline to roll an play on because of how it feels on their body. A lot of cat owners have had to learn that cats love bathrooms the hard way. They probably have gone home several times to meet a cat mess in their bathroom and ended up spending minutes cleaning up. Hopefully, you may not have to go through all of that. However, a cat will always be a cat thus it is left for you to find a way to escape all the mess that could possibly occur.

2. Closed doors heighten curiosity

Most cats hate the thought of closed doors. They can’t stand closed doors in their environment, and that includes the bathroom door. In fact, if the bathroom door is closed and you are on the other side, your cat might go completely crazy.

As time goes on, some cats may learn that the bathroom door would always be closed once you go in, and for this reason, they would run fast enough to make sure they go in with you so that they do not miss out on the fun. If there is any rule felines would have if it were possible, it would be “no closed doors” because they are curious animals and they always want to know whatever goes on around them.

3. It’s the perfect time to get attention

Your cat already feels that when you’re in the bathroom, it’s the perfect time for you to give them attention. feelings to know that when you’re in the bathroom, you’re trapped for a few minutes and you probably would not be distracted by the book the television or even work hence it can get your full attention for the duration of time you’d be there.

Cats also have the habit of wanting to lick their owners after a shower or bath which to me is very cute. So, probably your cat goes into the bathroom to wait until you are done having your bath so that he can get a lick or two. Besides, cats are very clean animals so you shouldn’t have a problem with your pet wanting to get close to your freshly washed body.

4. Sinks are like a bed to cats

have you ever taken your time to visualise the shape of a sink and perfectly it soothes the shape of a felons body your cat would love nothing more than to spend time in the sink sleeping or lounging.

In warmer months the coolness of the sync might just be perfect for your feline and when the months get cooler your feelings body heat and warm up the sink and make it cosy enough you can also find cats licking up drops of water that come out of the faucets in the sink.

5. They want the water whether you believe our doubt it

It is a basic fact that most felines do not like water but believe it or not cats like to be around the water so that they can get fresh water to drink. fresh running water is only one among the numerous things that cats love so for a cat that loves to be in the sink, leaving the tap running would be bliss for them. Some cats would make no hesitation to drink bath water or lick the wet tub whenever the opportunity presented itself.

6. Cats love routines

For us humans, the routine could be very boring, and we would easily look for something else to spice things up. However, cats are different in this aspect. They enjoy routine, and they could easily get used to things so if your cat get enough of your attention while you are in the bathroom they would always look forward to following you in there every single time.

Also if they discovered that after you use the bathroom every morning, you give them food, they would look forward to mealtime once you get out of bed to use the bathroom in the morning.

7. Your cat loves you as much as you love it

You are your cat’s favourite human being in the entire world, and your bathroom is full of things that smell like you. Your cats would have the idea that every time you spend in the bathroom, you are there doing important things. Your cat may be surprised at the things you do in the bathroom.

They might just decide to sit still and watch as you brush your hair or brush your teeth and just enjoy the view of their favourite human doing things that felines are not capable of doing. What this means is that bathroom time could just be special cat bonding time so it would be unfair for you to deny them the opportunity to watch you and bond with you while you do your thing.

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