Taming a Gerbil

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Not all of us will be cats or dog lovers; some of us just love to be different and go for exotic pets. Gerbils are beautiful pets, and they’re not one that you might consider taming.

However, when we talk about teaming a gerbil, we only mean teaching it to be comfortable to come to you without having any fear. Once you’re able to do that it becomes easy for you to pick up the animal and play with it without being scared or having it fear you.

What is the best way to pick up a gerbil?

The best way to pick up your gerbil pet is to carry it cupped in the palm of your hand. you can hold the loose skin on the back of the animal’s neck gently to prevent it from getting away if that is at all necessary. You should never make the mistake of picking up a gerbil by the tail.

If you are afraid or uncomfortable with picking a gerbil that is untamed, then what you can do is allow the animal to walk into a cup that is turned on its side. You can also gently direct your pet into the cup then tip it up and play with your pet.

Gerbils are very good at jumping so if you do not want yours to jump out of the cup and runoff then remember to place a hand over the cup.

Taming your gerbil

The process of taming a gerbil is a very easy one. You would need to begin with a pair of young gerbils even though a lot of people are afraid that it will be more challenging to team more than one variable at a time. The reason it is best to get more than one variable is that these animals bond very fast with each other and if you have a single gerbil it is more likely to become stressed and nervous which would make it difficult to tame.

Before you begin the taming process, it is essential that you give your new pets a few days to adjust to their new environment. What this means is that you must keep interaction and maintenance to a minimum. Once you have done this you can follow the steps below:

1. Use plenty of trades and work in small steps you need to make sure that your girl bill has become comfortable with a particular step before you proceed to the next one. You may want to leave your gerbils to play and run around outside the cage, but it probably bests that you avoid that for now. Because the stress of running around, catching them, and returning them to the cage may make them afraid of you.

2. Begin to acclimatise your pets with your presence by sitting next to the cage as often as possible; then you can move slowly towards them and speak softly so that they can listen to you. The easiest way to gain the trust of your gerbil is to make sure that you only interact with it when it is awake. If you try any interactions when this animal is asleep, you will find it difficult to tame it.


3. Offer your gerbil a treat such as pumpkin seeds or sunflower when it approaches the cage bars. Once your pet becomes comfortable taking treats from your hand through the bars of its cage, then you can proceed to offer it these treats through an open cage door.

4. Once your gerbil becomes comfortable taking treats from your hand, you cannot place the treat on your open hand to entice the animal to step onto your palm and get its treats.

5. Your gerbil will become comfortable climbing your hands in no time, and once that has happened, you can now take the next step to gently touch the sides of its head while it eats. Your pets will learn to enjoy this because you would be imitating the natural grooming behaviour of its species.

6. While it can be fun chasing your gerbils around when it’s time for you to send them back to their cage after they have been out playing, it is not a good idea. The best thing you can do is to entice the animal back into the cage using its favourite treat or do the best you can to herd it back.

7. Make sure you handle your gerbils regularly so that they can stay socialised.

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