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Last year, there were about top 100 dog breeds on our data base, all of which received high sales in the dog market. Ranging from Rottweiler, pitbull, bulldog, pug, poodle, to Boxer, the list was exciting and selling bad. Now that 2018 is here, my team and I have decided to do something brand new, something to make it a more exciting year with the most popular dog breeds in the world.

So, we have diffused our former top 100 dog breeds list to a quality and unique short list of top 5 dog breeds. How did we come about this? This is not a result of some random dog breed generator, we actually ran a wide variety of test on these dogs after checking them out online, questioning experts, visiting a lot of vets, and talking to dog owners.

Among the test we ran is the dog breed DNA test, pet breed test and some others. Without much ado, or overemphasis, let me take you through the top 5 dog breeds you can find anywhere in any part of the world.

Note: some of our picks are best dog breeds for families, some best dog as a pet, while others are best dog breeds for college. So, make sure you read carefully before choosing.

Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retriever

The top-notch here is the Lab. Originating from Newfoundland, Labs are one of the sought after four-legged barking guys when it comes to picking great pets for kids owing to their friendly nature, playfulness, adaptation and intelligence. Labs have the meekest eyes; they are one of the most obedient animals and will do anything to please their owner.

Do you want the perfect dog for children? Getting a pet for youngsters, you should consider any harmless animal that will keep your child active all they and going for a Lab or two is good bet. You don’t need to know how to choose a good dog breed before knowing the best dog ads a pet. Just grab your wallet, head on straight to the nearest reliable pet shop and finally demand for a Labrador Retriever.

I prefer the white ones because they are more attractive and active. I’ve seen one win two medals in a dog competition. Moreover, one of the people we interviewed informed us that her Retriever performs about 700 catches a day, not too shabby! Let’s move to the dog breed.

German Shepherd:

German shepherd

There’s never a dog like the German shepherd when it comes to intelligence. First off, in case you’re considering adopting a German shepherd dog breed, make sure you raise it from the very beginning of its life. What I mean here is adopting a German shepherd at its puppy stage to make it grow with you. Why? They are the dog type that adapt to whatever environment they grow in and carry each experience along everywhere they go.

Take notice of it, German shepherd are the most used in the military and other top security agencies. Training is a crucial thing if you want to have this four-legged active guy in your home and this may of course cut into your time and schedule. But it’s worth it because you will not just be raising one of the most active members of your family but creating a top-notch security as well. German shepherd is gentle, obedient, and inquisitive.

They love to chat or rather live in groups, so consider getting more than one for a happy living or rather spend your time with one. When it comes to going for a walk, we all know that cats are the most fitting, but in the dog part of the pet world, German shepherd takes the lead.



Ever since 2017, we’ve predicted that the boxer breed will become a sought after due to all of its walk-home-with features like gentleness, speed, high jump, and voraciousness. But wait, I didn’t mention the cat-like feature. The boxer breed behaves like a cat as it is mostly seen using its frontal limbs for inviting activities like jumping, clapping, throwing high-five, and beckoning.

Though a way expensive than most indoor dogs like poodle which is next up after this, Boxer as it is called truly behaves like a boxer with its two hands. It is smart and capable of eating in a day what takes a normal dog two days to finish. This is why they are very energetic and strong. They measure to a considerable height and weight so no matter how much they eat, you have no worries about obesity.

Their digestive system is capable of what most doges can’t do. Their fur is the first thing you will want to run your fingers through and their rectangular head with moderate ears that receives waves over a long distance though they are not hunting dogs.



Allergic to hair or it’s just the hair of dogs you can’t stand? There are many people like that and it doesn’t mean you will never be able to get a good pet of your own. Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs to be owned by everyone especially the allergic. They are little cuties and perfect as pets for college students.

They require less maintenance and feed, so therefor, won’t break your time into pieces. Get more time to study while watching your dog grow bigger and stronger every day. You have less money to spend buying one of these lovely companions.



Everybody knows this breed is going to take the lead this year. Beagles have the loudest from-the-belly-howl. They are the most obedient and harmless dog in last year’s collection of dog breeds. With their dropping ears, they are cute and will take any good place in the family photos. But I must warn you that beagles are trouble-shooters.

They will give you much work to do by turning the trash can upside down, dashing away playfully with the TV remote control, get into the freezer and unwrap your favorite chocolate due to their sensitive nose. You can prevent this by training your beagle and keeping eye on it.

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