Top Tips to Train an Aggressive Bird (Learnt From Angry Birds Movie)

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To everyone who watched the drop-dead selling Angry Birds Movie, you will be able to pick some themes and lines from this article about how to train an aggressive dog. So, I won’t be paying any reference here (just a normal write on birds).

We all know of a dog down the street. It started off with a most noisy day. Do you have a bird like that? People often term aggressive pets as wicked and some people will rather return any pet back to the adoption house than keeping and training it to get used to the norms. Alright, let’s get over the formalities. No animal is aggressive even wild animals like lion and tiger. This is why some people were able to tame and train them how to live peacefully.

Psychologically, animals act on a “flight or fight” system that is why they are called lower animal. Fight and flight here means an animal s always ready to fight for or against something for survival or run toward or from that thing. Most birds feel unsecured living with humans and even with their own very kind.

They are not used to staying close to humans. This is an observable fact in doves, pigeons, and fowls. Try getting close to a dove in the lawn and you will see it finding a way of escape immediately you are a way close to it.

Imagine it’s in a cage, can you feel how uneasy it must have felt? It is natural, and you can help your bird out of that situation if you love it and want to raise it as a pet. With devotion and continuous show of care and affection, you will in no time find your aggressive bird become a saint.

Through chatting, continuous feeding and other bond-creating activities, you can win a pet’s trust and let it have optimum reliance on you as a safe companion. Although, I don’t recommend buying an aggressive pet for your kiddo for safety, but if you’ll be there to guide him throughout the process, then go for it. Below are the best and effective tips to train an aggressive bird.

Tip #1 To Train An Aggressive Bird: RESPECT

Take note that most of the tips you are coming across after this one comes from experts, books, vets, and online researches without reference.

Whether it’s a bird or dog, getting forma with an aggressive pet, you will need to show it respect and be calm whenever you’re around it. One thing I learnt from a mad dog I kept in my childhood days was calmness and carefulness. I know it likes to scare me off even when I’m only about feeding it, but I never jerked. Yes, never jerk please. Jerking or running off when a furious bird shows a threat passes the wrong message across to the bird. You are indirectly telling it you are not safe with.

You need to believe you are safe with a bird first before it can have trust in you. Another thing is to let it have it ways and never force it to do anything. Put the food where you should and leave him to make the decision of either eating or not. However, a little bit of forcing is required in a situation where a pet decides to go weeks without food.

Tip #2 To Train an Aggressive Bird: Never Yell

Like someone used to say, never yell at a kid. An aggressive bird should rather be seen as a kid with less experience about life. When it pours the water away, let him do so and afterward do the cleaning without raising a voice. Note, you’re trying to make him a pet, why then use an iron hand? Instead of yelling at him, sing to him and smile while doing the cleaning. Go all out to win that mad heart of his with your kindness.

Once in a while, have a long chat with him even if it’s not responding and if it does aggressively, never jerk nor show any sign of fear. Pat him gently around the neck as an alternative to yelling. This will save you from wasting your own energy as well as teaching him carefulness. Be adamant by refilling its plate each time it pours the food away and do the cleaning regularly. Let me take you around our number 3 tip to train an aggressive dog.

Tip #3 To Train an Aggressive Bird: Give out Gifts

Yeah, Josh is an angry bird and will fit in the Angry Birds movie but that shouldn’t make you two even. Instead of walking home after a long day’s work with a pack of fury and harsh words ready to be ignited on Josh, why not have a stop-by at the nearest pet shop to get that confused feather animal some attractive gift? They’ve got some pet toys that won’t break your account you know, and the thrill is Josh’s going to like it.

There are ribbons and tags you can decorate his wings with and some toy cars you can train him to use that will draw him out of the darkness into the beautiful world of being a pet.

Tip #4 To Train an Aggressive Bird: A Neutral Location

I don’t like it on the queue at the train station. Not because of the smoke or noise but the different kind of smell coming from the people making up the line. Some people with body odor and others with disgusting perfume create the nightmare together. A bird may be mean because of where it is. Why not make a change of location?

Tip #5 To Train an Aggressive Bird: Never Overwork Him

No one likes to be over stressed. Doing all of the above will work great on your pet bird that talks and the quiet pet birds. However, too much of anything is bad, so you should also give your beak-mouthed friend time and space to breath and reflect on all what you’ve been teaching it.

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