Training Your Dog Not to Chase

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It can be very annoying when you’re trying to play with your puppy, and it runs off to chase after cars or other moving objects. You don’t have to be so upset because little canines are naturally wired to be cases and if they do not have the appropriate outlet to exercise that instinct they may begin to chase after bicycles cats or even children.

Your concern about your puppy’s chasing behaviour is understandable because sometimes in my chest after things that might get them in trouble with the neighbours or even get them hurt.

Why do dogs engage in chasing activities?

Dogs evolved to be runners their natural endurance specialists. Wild canines such as coyotes and wolves use speed as a vehicle to run down their prey. With this in mind, you can understand why domestic dogs are only one step away from their cousins in the wild, and they have retained their running instincts.

The urge to chase after objects is naturally hardwired into a dog’s brain. So whenever your puppy begins to chase a ball a frisbee or even chased after a squirrel, you need to understand that it is the natural hunting behaviour that is being demonstrated.

Using selective breeding as a tool, people have been able to redirect canine hunting instincts so that the Labrador, for example, stops short of killing bites and instead brings back the pray with a soft mouth. The heading breeds of dogs, on the other hand, continue to feel pushed to chase after any moving object such as farm animals in a specific direction.

When a dog does not have any natural outlet to run after ducks and sheep to retrieve them, all of that instinct will begin to spill into other areas. However, allowing your dog to chase after inappropriate objects such as cars, bicycles, or animals like your neighbour’s pets can get them in two troubles that may have deadly consequences.

Breed specific instincts

While all dogs enjoy chasing after things, there are specific breeds that are developed for particular kinds of work and that makes them typically more obsessive than others. for example whippets, greyhounds, and most terrier dogs can’t help but chase after an even attack smaller animals like rabbits and squirrels.

If you have smaller dogs, a cat, or even farm animals like rabbits and chicken, be sure that this breed of dogs would post a huge threat to the safety of those creatures. Shepherd dog breeds are more likely to chase after bigger animals, as well as bicycles, cars, and people jogging with misguided efforts to herd them.

Ramifications of chasing

Maybe you’re comfortable allowing your puppy to chase after your friendly big cat because you know that the cat does not have a problem playing with dogs and can take care of itself. However, what happens when your puppy decides to get out of your yard and chase after your neighbour’s pet chicken?


You must always remember that if you are the owner of any dog that chases inappropriately you are liable if your dog hurts someone or damages any body’s property. The dog with the chasing habit, on the other hand, is at risk of getting killed or injured if he chases after vehicle or people and animals that would attempt to defend themselves.

There are specific areas where it is legal for a property owner to shoot any dog that harasses livestock.

How do I stop puppy chasing?

Now that you have been exposed to all the dangers associated with chasing behaviours in puppies we are now ready to tell you the right steps to take to prevent your puppy from pursuing inappropriate things.

For you to teach your little canine what not to chase, you must first train it to walk with a leash nicely and also to be able to respond to simple commands like “sit” and “stay”. Once that is done, you will then proceed to expose your canine to staged situations that are designed to prompt chasing behaviours such as cars or livestock.

– Get a six-foot-long rope and place it on your puppy (this is a safety precaution just in case your dog decides to bolt) then give the sit and stay command.

– Next get a friend or family member to ride a bicycle, jog slowly, or drive a car by your puppy, while you continue to give your puppy to sit and stay command.

– Distract your puppy with food or treat reward whenever it doesn’t chase after the moving object. Whenever you notice your dog is making any attempts to chase after the moving object make a sad face and walk in the opposite direction while you praise it and lure it towards you with a treat. What you’re trying to achieve here is to make your dog associate the jogger, bike, or car presence with the gift that it gets whenever it walks in the opposite direction.

– Increase the speed of the vehicle gradually as you continue to intermittently reward your little dog for staying in one position as the vehicle approaches. Try to see if you can get your dog to turn away whenever the vehicle gets near it. Repeat this process as many times as possible for a long period of time until your dog is conditioned to look at you instead of chasing after a moving object whenever one approaches.

– Puppies love to chase after mail carriers. You can enlist the aid of your mail carrier by giving him some traits or toys so that whenever he has to deliver a mail to you he can toss the treat or toy to your puppy. This way your puppy will be able to associate the presence of the delivery person with good things otherwise whenever the delivery person arrives your pop will have no other choice but to chase after them and in his mind he will think he has driven a scary person away.

Something else you must learn to accept is the impossibility of eliminating the chasing behaviour in your dog. The best you can do is redirect it.

Reduce opportunities for chasing


Do your part to enforce appropriate boundaries for your canine: enforce confinement whenever off your property, get a fenced yard, and teach your dog the rules to prevent it from chasing after animals on your neighbour’s property. If you’re to control your pup’s bad habit, then obedience training is very important.

Provide safe outlets for chasing

Give your dog alternatives to satisfy its normal urge to chase after things. Interactive games such as trainer frisbee or playing fetch would alleviate the urge to chase after the object and even provide a bonding experience for your pet and yourself.

Relieving your little dog’s boredom can help you avoid its chasing behaviours that stem from loneliness and frustration. You should also take advantage of organised dog sports like heading trails for shepherd breeds, go-to-ground for terriers, and lure-causing for sighthound breeds that can help reward these natural behaviours in a controlled setting.

Instead of yelling at your puppy whenever it chases things around, do well to use the tips shared in this article and improve the life of your experience as a pet owner. Please leave your comments, suggestions, and opinions in the comments section provided below. We look forward to interacting with you.

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