Unusual Pets: Do You Want One?

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Most households with kids have pets. There are the usual cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, or fish. Some people even love their potbellied pigs. Others like more unusual, exotic pets.

People actually have these animals as part of their household, believe it or not.

Crocodiles. Did you ever see a crocodile slinking around in a harness? Honestly, some people think they make good pets. It sounds like a disaster in the making and I would not have one around my house.

Would it live in the bathtub? What would the neighbors think? Whatever you do, don’t let it loose in the swamp when it is too big and getting snappy. Check regulations before getting one of these. Make sure you research their care because they are difficult to take care of correctly.

Miniature donkeys grow up to three feet tall. They get lonely and need a companion. They can live in the back yard as they are outside animals. They would make good pets for kids old enough to care for them. They need food, water, vet care, shelter from the elements and grooming.

You can destink a skunk. When a veterinarian removes the stink glands, a skunk can be a good pet. The vet can also spay or neuter the critter and keep shots up to date, especially rabies shots.

Sloths are cute, tree hugging animals. People who adopt one as a pet have poles around their houses so the sloth will feel at home. Personally, I would not want to shovel sloth poop or have something hanging around the house.

Madagascar hissing cockroaches. It is hard for me to imagine welcoming a bug into my home. Many people who have them keep them safe in a terrarium which can be as elaborate as they want to make it. I would have nightmares about them escaping and starting colonies in the cupboards.

Axolotl. This is a weird looking salamander that forgot to develop into a salamander. It can regrow its body parts and you would think it would live forever, but it gives up after 15 years.

It comes from central Mexico. Some people call it a Mexican walking fish or water monster. It certainly looks like one but is harmless.

Carefully consider any of these before getting one for a pet. Even though they are legal to own, you need to take your family into account. Would the pet injure a child or adult? Can you invest the time and money into taking care of it? Would the neighbors hate you forever?

Is it legal where you live? Do you need a license or permit? When you have answered these, then you can set out for happy pet hunting.

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