What Can You Do to Help Cancer in Dogs?

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They say no one can love you better than your dog. And although some people think they are adorable and are awed at their sheer loyalty, they don’t do much to take good care of dogs. When you do get yourself a dog, for whatever reason you must know how to look after them.

There are a couple of things that you can do when your dog is injured or detected with a seemingly fatal disease like cancer. Prevention is always better than cure, so here’s what you can do to prevent cancer in dogs.

How to know that your dog is suffering from cancer?

Dr.Hamilton says, “Usually, we’ll see big changes at home. so things like decreased mobility, lethargy, changes in appetite, collapse, or inability to urinate.”

One cannot be certain of the symptoms because it is largely dependent on the type of cancer in dogs.  Hamilton also adds “usually it’s during a workup that you will find it, either through an ultrasound, biopsy, or cytology.”

The first step is to not give up. You need to believe that your dog can combat cancer. It’s never over until it’s over.  You have to look cancer in the eye and fight with everything you have. What’s more important than fighting actually believes that you can do it.

Tips to consider when your dog has cancer

  • Do some research and look for the variety of remedies for cancer, because let’s face it, treating it can cost you a fortune. But this doesn’t mean you will give up.
  • Environmental toxicity is a strict “no no” when it comes to cancer especially carcinogens. Being a little aware and more sensitive especially when you use products like shampoos or detergents can help reduce the exposure to harmful chemicals considerably.
  • Certain pet products contain PVC, a fatal carcinogen and if your dog is fighting cancer you should stay away from it.

Eating right

You should also be careful with what your dog consumes. Go easy on the carbs and sugar; high protein intake can help prevent cancer from spreading.

There is a list of anti-cancer food items that you may share with your dog like broccoli, blueberries, cauliflower, and make sure the medium is coconut or olive oil.  Say no to food items like ham, bacon, fried stuff, sausages, hot dogs, cupcakes, cookies etc.

You can choose dietary supplements so that your dog’s immune system can fight against cancer. Curcumin and probiotics are a good and useful way to eradicate cancer.

Be compassionate

Easing the tension and conflicts can also help. Stress can be hard to deal with even for humans. So go easy on your dog, and show some love. Don’t shy away or live in denial if your dog is suffering from cancer. That surely doesn’t help.

Also, this is a disease that can recur if not eradicated completely. Go for regular checkups to ensure your dog is healthy and cancer-free. Don’t be reckless and negligent towards broaching this subject if you care for your dog.

Taking your dog to the vet will help always and depending on the type of cancer in dogs, he will decide the kind of chemotherapy your dog is likely to receive. It can be administered topically, intravenously, orally, intramuscularly, intracavitary.

If its economical, surgery may be recommended as well. “Dogs are a man’s best friend”. And you need to do everything you can to ensure cancer in your dog is well treated.

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