Why Does Your Dog Do That?

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Does your dog have quirks that you wonder about? Just as some humans love to play bridge or tennis, or are a fan of mystery books, there are some dogs that love to play tug-of-war while others just can’t wait until they get another scratch on the back. Despite this there are some common quirks that most dogs have.

Did you ever wonder why your dog walks in a circle before lying down? Dogs’ ancestors used to sleep in the wild and when they did they would trample down the leaves, grass and even the snow to make a nest to sleep in.

I know my dog circles before lying down. This is how she display her ancestral tendencies, which is a way for them to get comfortable and feel safe.

Sometimes my dog also digs or scratches the carpet prior to lying down. I was told that this was also an ancestral behavior. Just like wild dogs who used to dig holes to lie in. The hole keeps the ancestral dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Another common behavior of most dogs is curling up in ball when they sleep. I know that my dog will curl up in a ball even though she has plenty of room to stretch out.

I was told that this was a cozy position for her, like the fetal position that humans use. In the wild dogs curl up like this when they sleep in order to keep warm; it also protects most of their organs in case there are wild predators.

I don’t know about your dog but my dog just loves to dig and curl up in the old sheets we put down for her on the floor.

They say that if your dog normally stretches out when it sleeps that either they are too warm or else they are insecure in their surroundings.

Did you ever wonder why your dog twitches when they sleep? Sometimes my dog may even start to move and she lets out a small bark or grunt. Guess what?


Our dogs are dreaming! Did you know that dogs go through three stages of sleep, non-rapid eye movement (NREM), rapid eye movement (REM), and short-wave sleep (SWS)?

It’s during REM sleep that dogs dream and the body movements that go along with them are thought to be your dog’s way of “acting out” the dream.

If your dog curls up when he sleeps, you might see such movements less often, since his muscles will be tenser than a dog sleeping stretched out.

Dogs have been tamed for thousands of years, but many of their instincts are still intact. They may not make sense to us or even to the dogs now, but they were important at one time.

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