Why You Should Have Both a Puppy and Kitten?

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No creature is ever too mean for some kindness, understanding, and acceptance. Regardless of which animal you prefer, cat or dog, this is the right time for us to see that even though kittens and puppies are great individually, they make a perfect pair.

You may be wondering why anyone would think of pairing up a feline and canine but the fact is that you get double the cuteness, double the baby animal hijinks, and above all double the cuddles.

Of course it is understandable if you as a strictly cat or dog lover decides to sell more proof that these two animals will be wonderful together. For that reason we have our together some of the most convincing facts that will cause you to run to the nearest pet store and get the double dose of cuteness.

1. Puppies and kittens practice good personal hygiene together

Who else asides your best friend can tell you when your hair looks like a mess or when you have a tiny slice of celery stuck between your teeth, or even that your mouth smells like a skunk farted in it? Well, puppies and kittens have a special way of telling each other when their personal hygiene isn’t so hygienic. They know when to tell each other there’s a bit more poop that needs to be cleaned and when there is a dead mouse that shouldn’t be where it is.

2. They can play dress up together

Because they are very little, allowing them grow together is one way to prevent every cat and dog fight that may want to ensure in future. And if you have any kids, they can play dress up together with the right training. While puppies find it easier to allow kids dress then up, cats don’t. So seeing how their bestie enjoys getting dressed may motivate them to get involved.

3. They make the house fun

Having one puppy run around your house is always fun to watch, but having both a puppy and a kitten will have you rolling on the floor with lots of laughs as you watch then try to get along. Chances are that your puppy will be a lot friendlier but once your kitten is able to get comfortable with having a friend that isn’t feline, things will begin to fall in place.

4. They help you relax

Having double the dose of cuteness is one way to relax after a hard day’s job. Sometimes all you need is to carry your pets in your laps or watch them play when you return home. It’s the next best thing to having your favorite family member over or spending time with your human bestie.

Did you know that looking at cute picture of baby animals is therapeutic and also helps to relive stress? imagine how much more relaxed you’d be if you had these lovely baby animals right in front of you.

5. They are good for your mental health

Having pets is one way to avoid depression and boredom because they are always going to be there for you when you are down. Cuddling them and having some play time with both a canine and feline may help you see life in a more balanced manner.


So the bottom line is that they are just adorable together and if you can bring yourself to have a kitten and puppy, your entire family will enjoy having all the fun and love that comes with caring for them and watching them grow up together.

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