Top 15 Wildlife Organizations in the World

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Animal welfare activists are the voice to species that cannot speak for themselves. It turns out that as the world gains more knowledge about the various dangers that the wildlife faces, so does the number of people who search the web for sources for wildlife protection increase.

In this article, we have put together a list of the very best wildlife organizations that you might find interesting.

1. Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

What they do: The wildlife conservation society focuses on the conservation of wildlife habitats.

In detail: Extinction, climate change, human-wildlife coexistence, and sustainability are the top priority on the Wildlife Conservation Society’s list of concerns. This organization was founded in 1895, and since then, the organization scours the planet, helping a wide range of wild species – tigers, gorillas, and even ocean giants.

Location: Worldwide



What they do: PAWS is a wildlife organization that brings people together for the security and respect of animals.

In detail: PAWS is an organization that brings together individuals who love and enjoy the company of animals. This organization leaves its paw print in places through several activities. One of its things worthy of note is the PAWS Wildlife Center, where they provide rehabilitation and healthcare to wild animals.


Location: Washington State, USA


3. Gorilla Doctors

What they do: Gorilla doctors provide free Hands-on medical care to mountain gorillas.
In detail: Gorilla Doctors is not like other wildlife associations. This one is made up of a team of veterinarians that are concerned about mountain gorillas – which are an endangered species currently bordering extinction.

These doctors take it upon themselves to rescue wounded gorillas and offer them healthcare for a wide range of illnesses.

Location: Uganda, Rwanda, and the National Republic of Congo.


4. Wildlife Alliance

What they do: Fight against illegal wildlife trade.

In detail: Concerned planet savers, the Wildlife Alliance battles to eliminate wildlife extinction. The organization focuses on fighting illegal wildlife trade by creating alternate sources of income for underserved and struggling communities. Wildlife Alliance also offers hands-on rescue and rehabilitation to wild animals in plight.

Location: Cambodia


5. WWF


What they do: Cultivating a robust human-animals coexistence and maintaining biodiversity.

In detail: The WWF is an influential organization that combines hand-on conservation efforts with taking an active part in creating policy and legislation. The WWF offers special focus to particular animals, including dolphins, tigers, and elephants.

Location: Worldwide. With the Amazon, Himalayas, Borneo, Mediterranean, Coral Triangle, and Madagascar as priority regions.


6. International Fund for Animal Welfare

What they do: The IFAW focuses on saving animals and habitats.

In detail:  Defending whales, saving seals, protecting elephants, and protecting tigers are just some of the main projects the IFAW is dedicated to.

Overseeing over 40 projects, the IFAW provides hands-on assistance to animals and also generates campaigns to create awareness of animals that are in danger of extinction.

Location: Worldwide


7. World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

What they do: This association ensures that animals around the world are treated with respect.


In detail: The World Society for the Protection of Animals is focused on activities that encourage the compassionate treatment of animals and good animal welfare. Bears, Whales, and orangutans are some of the animals at the heart of WSPA’s work.

Location: All over the world. The WSPA has local chapters in different countries worldwide.


8. African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)

What they do: The AWF is focused on protecting the wildlife and natural landscape of Africa.

In detail: The African wildlife Foundation deals with the conservation of ecosystems together with the protection of wildlife and the resolution of human-wildlife conflict.

Location: Africa


9. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

What they do: People for the ethical treatment of animals is the most prominent animal rights organization in the world.

In detail: People for the ethical treatment of animals is an internationally renowned organization as well as a devout activist for animal rights.

Sometimes using controversial tactics to spread its message of love and respect for animals, PETA is engaged with research, public education, legislation, and animal rescue.


Location: Worldwide


10. Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)

What they do: The AWI Promotes the prosperity and well-being of animals.

In detail: Founded in 1961, this old but active organization does everything humanly possible to minimize – if not completely eliminate – the negative impact of human actions that is detrimental to endangered species.

Location: Worldwide. The AWI is primarily focused on promoting American pro-wildlife legislation.


11. Defenders of Wildlife (DOW)

What they do: Promoting pro-wildlife legislation.

In detail: Using both hands-on collaborations with local communities and active promotion of pro-wildlife legislation, The Defenders of Wildlife have a fantastic record of more than sixty years protecting imperiled species, like the Alaska gray wolf, black bear, and the American bison.

Location: Various regions Stateside with Alaska.


12. The Nature conservancy


What they do: The Nature Conservancy preserves entire wildlife communities together with their rich species diversity.

In detail: The Nature Conservancy works together with local businesses, communities, and people to protect more than 100 million acres of land throughout the globe.

The focus of this organization is to preserve entire wildlife communities together with their wealth of species diversity, a holistic approach that is essential to the health of our planet.

Location: The U.S


13. Oceana

What they do: The most prominent non-profit organization in the world that is solely devoted to the world’s oceans, Oceana takes the required steps to shield fish, marine mammals, and any other aquatic life remaining in existence from the life-threatening effects of pollution and industrial fishing.

In detail: Oceana is an organization that has launched a Responsible Fishing Campaign focused on preventing overfishing, together with individual initiatives to protect sea turtles and sharks, and it also closely monitors the effect of Deepwater Horizon oil spill on coastal habitats in the Gulf of Mexico.

A lot different from other wildlife groups, Oceana focuses strictly on a select handful of campaigns at any specific time, with better enables it to achieve particular, measurable outcomes.

Location: The U.S


14. The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)


What they do: The IUCN offers a neutral forum for NGOs, governments, scientists, local communities, and businesses to find practical fixes and solutions to conservation and development challenges.

In detail: The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is the oldest and largest conservation organization on earth, with about 1,300 government and NGO Members and over 15,000 volunteer experts in 185 countries.

The work the IUCN does is supported by nearly 1,000 staff in 45 different offices and hundreds of partners in the NGO, public, and private sectors around the world.

Location: Switzerland


15. Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF)

What they do: The Charles Darwin Foundation has a catchy logo and is known for doing all that is possible to maintain the delicate ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands.

In detail: The Charles Darwin Foundation is known mainly for its unique and lovely logo of a giant tortoise. This foundation goes a lot deeper but, focusing more on studies within the Galapagos Islands, and works to keep this unique micro-climate as natural as possible.

Almost 70% of the animals that live in the Galapagos can only be found in this one place on the planet, and this fantastic charity is doing all that is humanly possible to see how it can maintain this delicate ecosystem for many generations to come.

Location: Galapagos Islands



Many other great wildlife organizations are actively contributing their part to the protection of vulnerable species around the world.

However, the fifteen you have just read about are some of the most famous ones. Let us know of others that should have been added to this list by leaving a comment below.

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