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Are you interested in writing for Petcrub? great news now you can submit your article on our platform directly but remember to follow the rules and regulations, all articles are reviewed manually by our editors.

How to write on Petcrub?

  1. Create an account by registering Here. You can also login with your wordpress.com account.
  2. After registering make sure to complete your profile, enter your website link, social media links and then your author bio, do all that from here.
  3. Make sure NUMBER 2 is COMPLETE before you proceed to the next step, as NUMBER 2 is important, failure to comply your article will be deleted from our site with your account.
  4. Once you have completed the above step you can proceed to the next step which is submitting your content for review.

Content Guideline

Below rules and guide apply to your article submission on Petcrub, make attention as every step is important and we won’t tolerate nonsense.

  1. After you are logged into your Dashboard submit a minimum of 1k words for REGULAR ARTICLE and 500 words description for INFOGRAPHIC (with your image).
  2. Make sure you do not include any root domain in the article body, that should be in your author bio box or website field which you must have already filled before now, such links will be removed.
  3. You can add images, views and screenshots but make sure you have rights and make sure to give credits where due.
  4. You are advised to add links from other sources and also from our site, any link to a root domain will be deleted from the site.
  5. Once ready submit for review, our editors will check and review it and publish it within 5 days, you will be notified once its LIVE. If you did not receive any notification after 5 days you can contact us.

What to do when my article is published?

Below are some of the things you can do when you receive notification that your article has been published.

  1. Share article on various social media and bookmark sites.
  2. If you write for other blogs do well to link to articles on petcrub.

Please note the following

These are some important rules and regulation from our parent company.

  1. Once any is published, you have given us the rights and ownership of content to use as we deemed fit, and you agree to this agreement once the article goes live on our site.
  2. Do not submit already published article on this blog, all article is checked using Grammarly.
  3. We won’t allow multiple revisions once post is live, so be careful with mistakes
  4. If you work for SEO companies, please contact us to discuss price and terms
  5. We use disqus comments, so do check your post for comments and do well to respond.

Thanks for your contribution, this guide is updated from time to time.

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